Today, I got the latest email from Christian Veterinary Mission¬†about my fundraising progress. I see some of the money that comes in and forward it to the office in Seattle, but sometimes donations come in that I don’t find out about until after the fact. This is very exciting to me. Today I got the email that announced that I have gone over the $8,000 mark. This is an amazing milestone for me – 80% of the funds I need to raise have been met! Even crazier is that on February 10, 2014, I had only raised $3,748…that was about 6 months worth of fund raising. The additional $4,000+ have all been within the last 36 days!

I can’t thank everyone publicly, but I would like to send a thank you out to “Anonymous” that donated $162 last month. I don’t know who you are, but the donation and support means so much to me. Please know that you have touched my spirit and I thank you.

If you haven’t donated and you wish to, directions on how to donate are listed on the “Mission to…”¬†page of this blog. I have about $2,000 and to be honest, I really hope to have it raised by Easter on April 20, 2014. If this happens, then I can focus on the mental, physical, and spiritual preparation of this trip. Please consider it!

I have so many people that have been helping me, supporting me, and praying for me that I am overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation.

May your day be blessed and filled with happiness!