Mission To…

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

FUNDRAISING GOAL: $10,000, Total Raised: $780 (as of 6/1/2017)

I will again return to Mongolia in July/August 2017 to train and assist veterinarians for a month. I hope to build upon my relationships with the local people, the training of the past, and to help increase the confidence of the veterinarians in the work they are doing, as well as their English language skills. I also hope to improve my own grasp of the Mongolian language.

Unlike the last time when I went on a mission to Mongolia, I was able to take paid vacation time to go. Now, since I am self-employed, I will not be bringing in an income for my family. Therefore, it is even more important that I am able to raise the full amount for the trip. I will go at my own expense should I not raise the funds, but the support would be amazing

So here is the part that I ask you for help in any way that you can:

1. Pray for me – for safety, for knowledge, for a clear head, and a servants heart

2. Pray for the mission projects in the Mongolia and around the world – for openness, for love, for impact, for peace

3. Financial support – all donations (check or credit card) are tax deductible in the United States of America, you just need to follow the directions below:

How to Donate to a Short Term Missions Account Online:

  • Go to http://www.cvmusa.org/ and then to Support > Short Term Missions.  Fill in the Designation box with a drop-down menu to “other” (at the bottom of the list). A white box will appear, and please enter in my account number (UCVSTM1655) and write in my name, Melanie Goble – ST Missions in that box. CVM will make sure it gets designated to my trip. Please let me know if you have questions.
  • Checks can be made out to Christian Veterinary Missions with “UCVSTM1655/Melanie Goble” on the memo line and mailed to Christian Veterinary Missions 19303 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133 or given to me to mail in.


Previous Missions:

Navajo Nation, Chinle, AZ: Fundraising Goal: $600, Total raised $487

I traveled to the Navajo Nation in July 2015 to spay and neuter pets over a two day period. There was a goal of 25 animals per day. A total of 47 animals were spayed and neutered. Thank you for the support!

Mongolia: Fundraising Goal: $10,000, Total Raised: $9,858.83

I have gone on a number of missions in my life that have each helped me grow not only in my faith, but also in world view perspective. In July and August 2014, I traveled to Mongolia through Christian Veterinary Missions. While there, I taught and assisted veterinarians and veterinary students in medicine, surgery, business skills, and many other ways that were useful to them. I first learned of this mission field about 5 years before and began praying that I be shown if and when this is where God would like me to go. In 2013, I finally was moved that this is the time to begin the process. Recently, I got word, that my desire to go to Mongolia was approved. Now came the hard part: learning Mongolian, raising the awareness, prayers, and funds to make this trip a reality, and starting to modify my behaviors so that I can assimilate more easily into Mongolian culture.

I will not deny that this was not only a veterinary medical mission, but also a step in my dreams of traveling to each continent. I want to experience the world in ways that broaden my perspective, and allow me to be more caring and accepting of others and of myself. I have been the tourist that goes to see the sights and eat the food, but never really take in the richness of another language or way of life. I have enjoyed my time as a tourist, but have always had a mild sense of emptiness. It took me awhile to figure out why I had that feeling, then I realized that when I was traveling as a tourist, I was generally traveling for myself – to do something because I wanted to, not because I was making a difference or helping someone. I have always had fun and had great memories, but the fun and memories did not change me. They did not enlighten me, make me stronger, kinder, or even challenge me to grow. In other words, they did not make an impact in my daily life. When I have gone on mission trips, I have met the local people. I have broken bread with them. I have prayed with them. I have built relationships with them. This is what has filled me. This is what has changed my perspective as to what is important in my life, what I am being called to be.

3 thoughts on “Mission To…

    • Hello Jillian,
      I am so sorry that I have gone so long without responding. Thank you for reaching out! I would love to come to Canada, not sure if I can make it work, but am always willing to go to new places! I also find it difficult to assist in all of the needs that have been asked of me. I am working on learning to say “No” though. It is a difficult skill, but we must take care of ourselves in order to continue helping others!


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