Chinle, Arizona and the Navajo Nation


I will be traveling to Chinle, Arizona with Christian Veterinary Missions to spay and neuter dogs and cats for 2 two days in June to support the Navajo Nation. The goal is to alter 25 animals per day. There are 2-3 technicians and 1 veterinarian in the mobile veterinary clinic in each three-day event.

Day 1: Exams, vaccinations, check in.

Day 2: Surgery all day.

Day 3: Surgery all day

The Navajo Nation sponsors much of this trip, but the costs of flying out, staying, and renting a car are more than the trip costs. Therefore, I am attempting to raise $600 to off set the rest of the costs. This is the first mission that I will be going on while not employed by a veterinary clinic in the usual sense. There will be no vacation pay check waiting when I come home, so there will be no paycheck for my family at all that week. Although this changes my financial dynamics a bit, I am blessed to be able to do this. I am so thankful that God has given me a heart for service and missions.

So here is the part that I ask you for help in any way that you can:

1. Pray for me – for safety, for knowledge, for a clear head, and a servant’s heart

2. Pray for the mission projects in the Navajo Nation and around the world – for openness, for love, for impact, for peace

3. Financial support – all donations (check or credit card) are tax-deductible in the United States of America, you just need to follow the directions below:

How to Donate to a Short Term Missions Account Online:

  • Go to and then to Support > Short Term Missions.  Click on the “Individual” button. Fill in the Designation box with a drop-down menu to “other” (at the bottom of the list). A white box will appear, and please enter in my account number (UCVSTM1655) and write in my name, Melanie Goble – ST Missions in that box. CVM will make sure it gets designated to my trip. Please let me know if you have questions.
  • Checks can be made out to Christian Veterinary Missions with “UCVSTM1655/Melanie Goble” on the memo line and mailed to Christian Veterinary Missions 19303 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133

6 thoughts on “Chinle, Arizona and the Navajo Nation

  1. Hi – saw your blog on the list for A to Z Road Trip. My daughter is a veterinarian and a Christian so your title kind of jumped out at me. She is an equine vet, but also does a couple days at a small animal clinic to make ends meet. Also interesting, we started out in Wisconsin (I grew up in Hayward) and my daughter also applied for vet school there – she applied to four schools, was accepted at three and on the waiting list at Madison. She decided on UF. She doesn’t have time to blog about her adventures but I do. When I ride around with her, her stories make it into my blog. She and I are also going on a mission trip in June, to Cambodia. Hope to read more of your posts. Here’s one of mine.


    • Thank you for stopping by! I will have to check out your blog soon. My husband’s “grandfather” had a bar up in Hayward for many years, and I went to undergrad not far away (in Ashland). I wish you peace and safety in Cambodia. I would love to do more work in Asia, but I have to be so careful with my health issues not going where I cannot be guaranteed safe water to drink. I will keep you in my prayers!

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  2. Thanks for visiting my blog (A Bench with a View) and your comment. I do admire your efforts with this mission; I think it is truly worthwhile to spay/neuter the animals; definitely will have lasting impacts. I do hope the weather is nice for your “adventures” and you enjoy your time in Prescott. I made a very small donation for your trip in memory of our sweet Koda corgi that we had to say goodbye to 12/23/2014 after his lymphoma that he (by the grace of God) was in remission for 4 years came back with a vengeance (he had just turned 10 years old the beginning of the month). He didn’t get along with other dogs at all but I think he would have wanted them to be taken care of like he was taken care of.

    Again, good luck with your mission and the work you will do.



    • Thank you so much for the donation. I am sorry that your Koda has passed on. They are so special, even when not everyone else understands how special they are. I wonder if that is how God thinks about us. When our dogs and cats act out and don’t get along with others, we still love them. When we are not always at our best, He still loves us. I will enjoy the trip to Prescott (a friend of mine just moved there). Take care! Melanie


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