Thirteen – What Does That Mean to You?

I learned this morning that my friend, JC passed away, likely as I was writing yesterday’s post.

JC was an amazing man. He had a struggle in early life, but found his way. I did not meet him until entering veterinary school at the University of Wisconsin Madison School of Veterinary Medicine in fall of 2001. From the beginning, JC made me laugh. He was smart and funny. He was friendly and encouraging. Everyone has negative things in their lives and personalities, but I never saw them from JC. I honestly don’t know how he did it. We were not super close, but veterinary school is rough and tough, then throw in some major world events (9/11) and years of laughter, you can’t help but feel close to the people in the same situation. Along with the rest of our class – we were family. Ties that cannot be broken.

Thirteen. Often considered an unlucky number. Thirteen months of pain and struggle. Thirteen months of tears and laughter. Thirteen months that allowed him to live the life he had knowing it was going to end, but being able to take even more joy in the lives of his wife and children. From diagnosis to death, JC fought for thirteen months.

Despite the pain for those of us left behind, JC can now be free. No more pain. No more sickness. Today, JC is singing with the angels and playing cards with Jesus.

From Heaven he will now watch over his wife, Heather, and two young boys, Liam and Noah. The world will forever be changed by his life and his death. May his contributions to the world never be forgotten.

JC, you have been and forever will be a beacon of laughter and friendship. I have kept you in my prayers and in my thoughts. Your struggle may have saved my life. For that, I thank you. Your life has effected many people and that will continue. May you now rest in peace without pain and may you fill Heaven with your laughter and love. May you watch over your family and keep them safe. Until we meet again, my friend. You are missed.


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