2015 April Update

2015 has been an interesting year so far. I have been so busy that I have sadly neglected my blog. Time for a little update, and attempt at getting back on track!

Renewed Strength Veterinary Services has been busy in Wisconsin and the Virgin Islands. Providing relief services, consultations improving clinic flow and services, and behavior consultations has kept me busy!

View overlooking Magen's Bay in the US Virgin Islands. All work and no play results in missing some beauty in life.

View overlooking Magen’s Bay in the US Virgin Islands. All work and no play results in missing some beauty in life.

I signed up for another mission trip with Christian Veterinary Missions to spay and neuter animals in the Navajo Nation of Arizona in June 2015. I am so thankful to be able to help with overpopulation in a proactive manner in a region that needs the help so much.

I spent time with friends that I have not had an opportunity to see in awhile. It was wonderful to sit and chat over a pot of tea!

I have also been working through the pain and heartache that comes with a friend and veterinary colleague’s fight for his life against metastatic colon cancer. We have not seen each other since graduation from veterinary school 10 years ago, and sadly will likely never see each other again. He is currently in his final moments of life and it is tearing me up inside. JC has a wonderful wife and two small children. Please keep them all in your prayers.

JC’s struggle, the events in Baltimore, the earthquake and avalanches in Nepal and so many more events have reinforced my desire to let those in my life know how much I love them. To let the world and all of the people in it know that I am not giving up. Despite the pain and the struggle, I know things can be better. I pray that we all unite and help the displaced, the hungry, the oppressed, the sick, and all that need a hand and a prayer.

Have a blessed day and take a step forward each day to help your world be a better place!



2 thoughts on “2015 April Update

  1. I have family in Baltimore, so I’ve been praying for that area a lot more recently too. My 75 year old mother-in-law lives in a bad neighborhood. We’ve tried to get her to move to Florida with us, but she doesn’t want to leave her home.

    Sorry to hear about your friend. Life is so fragile. Fortunately, through faith you know that this is only a goodbye for now. I hope that provides some comfort.

    I’m glad to see you back online.

    Kelley’s Dog Blog


    • Thank you Kelley,
      I feel guilty for being “gone” for so long. It is good to be back.
      I pray that your family stays safe and that your mother-in-law is safe and can live well. Perhaps she can be a beacon in her neighborhood.
      Goodbye for now still hurts, but at least I do see a light and a future, that does help a lot.
      Blessings to you!


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