Veterinary Happiness

There have been a lot of things lately that have made me really sad in my life – specifically related to work. That is why I want to share a story of happiness, light, and life today.

I have been providing relief services to veterinary clinics for a little over a month now and have met a lot of great people and animals. The other day, I was eating lunch in the break room of the clinics when the door chime rang. I knew that the receptionist was on the phone, so I went up to see what I could do to help. A couple was standing there with a cat that was skin, bones, hair, and massive personality. The couple had been out at their cabin and found this cat two hours before. Another family member had seen the little guy the week before, but was unable to capture it. They brought him in to see if anything could be done to help him.

We checked him for a microchip or any other form of identification, but nothing was there. I did an exam and went over the problems that I found with them and what would need to be done to fix them. I recommended some tests to see what was going on internally. The couple really wanted him to have a chance. We discussed costs. We then agreed that we would go step by step. Collect all of the needed samples, but get some results before running the rest of the tests. The first set of tests came back clear, so they went forward with the rest. We got him on antibiotics and did some fluids to start him on the road to rehydration.

I was so happy that they gave this guy a chance. They didn’t have to bring him to a vet clinic. They didn’t have to agree to do any tests. They didn’t have to agree to do any treatments. But, they did them all. They recognized the awesomeness that was this little guy (I secretly named him Smee) and are giving him a chance to return to health. If they can’t find his owner, they plan to keep him as well.

Smee found a great home with a wonderful couple.

Thank you for making me smile and bringing back some of my faith in humanity!


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