I Will Rise!

With a great sigh of relief and joy, I am happy to share that I have taken a giant step forward in my life. I have opened my own business! After leaving my last place of employment, I was a little lost and wasn’t sure what to do with my career. Do I get another job that may not hold out? Do I purchase a brick and mortar veterinary practice? Do I start a house call or mobile practice? What do I do? Then I got a message from a friend, that needed some help at her veterinary practice. She is a solo practitioner and does a great job, but has to do the doctoring alone. I was happy to fill in for her so she could have a  day off. Then I spoke with another veterinarian that is also a solo practitioner. She recently had a family emergency that requires her to be out of the practice on a regular basis. She was happy to have me come and help her out as well. That is when I knew that I could actually make a future for myself.

Inspiration took hold, and I created Renewed Strength Veterinary Services, LLC. A business that allows me to practice veterinary medicine and help people in even more ways. With the passing of Dr. Yin (discussed here), I realized how important it is for veterinarians to have a greater support system. Many veterinarians surround themselves with their practices, patients, and clients that they forget or just don’t have time to take care of themselves. Taking time off means either closing the clinic, which means people and animals that depend on your services may suffer – staff doesn’t get their paychecks and patients may not get seen or may switch to another clinic permanently, or putting your life’s work into the hands of someone else to take care of it while you are gone. This is scary stuff!

This is where I step in! Rather than closing, I come into the clinic and see patients, speak with clients, and hold down the fort. I promise to keep things going to the best of my abilities. I promise to take care of the clients, the patients, the staff, and the goodwill so that the business does not suffer, and ideally continues to prosper. While I offer coverage, the veterinarian can take the time he or she needs to renew their strength – mind, body, and soul!

This new life promises to be an adventure that I am blessed to share with the world!


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