Mongolia Update #2

This trip has continued to amaze me. Earlier this week, I had the joy of doing two ultrasounds on dogs to verify that their puppies were still alive. One of them came back the next day and had her puppies in the clinic without assistance. They were so cute! I have not heard about the other one, they were trying to raise some money for a C-section, but hopefully she had her pups at home as well. I am becoming more confident in helping the veterinarians with their cases. Trying to remember not to tell them what to do, but rather help them come to a conclusion on the best course of action. We have been going over better methods of restraint and blood collection methods as well.

I had a chance to so some sight seeing – museums and Genghis Square, not to mention some shopping. I have begun finding some amazing gifts for those that mean so much to me. Flat Jesus and Genghis Khan (pronounced Chinghes Han) even got to hang out for a bit!

Flat Jesus with Genghis Khan

Flat Jesus with Genghis Khan


On Tuesday night, we had the joy of traveling to Ulzit to spend the night at the home of the Spence family. We had an amazing dinner, sang songs for hours, and had the most enjoyable fellowship. The time with the Spence family will always be marked in my mind and soul. They have traveled to Mongolia to serve with the same group I am in. How many people do you know would uproot their family (they have 9 kids!) to move from New Zealand to a foreign land without knowing the language to serve others. They are an inspiration to me.

Perhaps my favorite thing this week, occurred when we arrived at the main office on Wednesday. The security guards had found a bird that couldn’t fly in the parking lot, so they put it into a box and presented it to us when we arrived. Everyone looked at it, but I was the one that began to work with it. (It appeared to be a swift of swallow of some type) I picked it up and examined its wings and legs – no fractures found – but he was slightly neurologic. We suspected that he had flown into a window or some such thing. At this point, he couldn’t even perch on my finger or a tree branch. I placed it back into the box and into a quiet corner for about an hour. After devotions and prayer time (with a special prayer for the little bird’s healing), I went to check on it. It was still not 100%, but an insect that was not in the box before was hanging out in the box and the bird appeared to have eaten part of it. I took the little bird outside and had it perch on my finger, it still wasn’t where I wanted it to be, but it was able to then perch on a branch. I placed him back on my finger and he flew onto my shirt and then clung to my braid. I gentle removed him and held him up with a slight lift and lower of my hand to help him get his wings back in order. After a couple test flaps, he took flight. There was a great clatter and other birds of the same species flew up from the bushes and trees, they circled him and they flew off together. An amazing sight!

Yesterday had its first major wrench in the works of this trip though. My roommate, Allie, and I both came down with vomiting and diarrhea to the point that we required assistance to rehydrate, so we went to the SOS clinic – an international hospital here in Ulaanbaatar (UB). We both had IV catheters placed and received 2 liters of fluids each, along with various medications. As per usual, when the doctor heard I had diabetes insipidus, he immediately wanted to check my blood sugar levels and I had to explain that it has nothing to do with blood sugar or my pancreas, it is my pituitary gland and a lack of vasopressin resulting in significant dehydration. I then explained what tests he needed to run and that I required IV fluid supplementation. Thankfully, he agreed with my assessment. My electrolytes were all low, but thankfully, not in a dangerous range. Between the medications and prayers from around the world, Allie and I both improved dramatically. Thankfully, for Allie, she was well enough to catch her plane home late last night. For awhile, we didn’t know if that would be able to happen.

So, despite a crazy day in the hospital and missing out on all I was supposed to do yesterday, I know that God is good. He is the Great Physician that cares for each of us – from the smallest bird to the largest whale, the fish in the seas, the beasts of the land, and each person. His love is greater than we could ever comprehend.

Until next update, I pray that you will have a wonderful and blessed week, month, and year to come. Stay hydrated my friends!


4 thoughts on “Mongolia Update #2

    • Thank you. It was a great experience, for me, the bird, and the Mongolians with which I am working. The security guards that found it had the biggest grins on their faces when it flew away (they make a point of not smiling most of the time)!


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