Hope for Marc

A couple years ago, I made a new friend on Facebook, Marc. We chatted a few times online, but hadn’t met. When I started my blog and shared my story about being diagnosed with a pituitary tumor and how my faith was changed, Marc contacted me again and we started to talk more frequently.

Marc had been diagnosed with a severe heart condition, was given a very poor prognosis, and had to drop out of school. His dream of becoming a pediatric cardiologist gone. After years of not having any resolution to his medical problems, he went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota where he learned that he had been misdiagnosed with a heart disease. Instead, he was found to have a pituitary tumor and a cancer related testicular disease. It was at this point that we began to speak more frequently, especially about faith and the fear related to diseases. Every time we attempted to meet in person, a medical problem would crop up and we would not end up being able to meet.

This past winter, I got the message that Marc had to go back to Mayo Clinic suddenly and his apartment was filled with black mold. I met his home health aide when she brought Marc’s cat in to Mishicot Veterinary Clinic late in the evening. Marc was too sick to come in. Not long after, his apartment was cleared out of mold and he was back from Minnesota, I finally met him.

Marc is a gentle soul with many talents that he does his best to share with others. He loves his cat and his girlfriend. He loves his girlfriends daughters like they were his own. Since October 2012, Marc has lost over 450 pounds and is still shedding the weight, but it has not been due to diet and exercise, it has been from the diseases and complications taking the nutrients from his system. He can’t eat or drink without vomiting.  Fluid is building throughout his body, causing swelling all over. Through it all, Marc has kept a smile on his face, trying to cut down on the stress and anxiety for those around him.

Marc before his first surgery and now - over 450 pounds lost

Marc before his first surgery and now – over 450 pounds lost

This past week, Marc was told to get his affairs, including his will, in order as the doctors have been unable to find all of the causes or a way to treat his problems. When they got home from Mayo Clinic, their truck broke down, the bills were piled up, and they had a threat of eviction as well.

I ask you to keep Marc, his family, and the doctors and nurses in your prayers. Prayers of healing and guidance. Prayers of love and rejuvenation. Prayers that Marc would truly know how much God loves him.

If you find it in your heart and are able, please also consider supporting this young man financially. An account, Hope For Marc, has been started to raise money so that they can have one less thing to worry about.

Dear Lord, You are the Great Physician. You can heal with a word or a touch. You have given us great talent and skills to be Your hands and feet on this earth, to touch the lives of others with love and respect. Marc is a lost sheep, looking for Your great love. Please open in heart to Your love, comfort, peace, and healing. Please work a miracle within him. Guide his doctors and nurses. Comfort his family. Please give them all strength to deal with the struggles they have now and in the future. You are amazing, Lord, and we thank you for all of the gifts You have already bestowed upon us. In all things, may Your will be done. Amen


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