To Blog or Not to Blog

I have been struggling lately with what to write. I have ideas and I start to write and the ideas just don’t come out properly. I have started writing about why I became a veterinarian, why I love mission work, and have considered writing about what frustrates me on a daily basis and how I want people to be educated about topics that they aren’t educated in. Today I was thinking about discussing physical fitness (about 1/3 of those in the veterinary profession are really fit and run marathons and stuff like that, another 1/3 or more are obese, and the rest are “normal”) – that must be what I get for going for a walk and actually running (GASP) for part of the distance.

I know I can only blog about what I know.

I also know that I want you to want to read what I am writing.

So, that leaves the question…What are you, the reader, interested in reading about? I really do want to know! I may not know what to write for everything, but if you inspire me, I just may cover that topic.

Please, inspire me. Let me know what you want to read or learn about.


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