Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Here is a picture of one of the many headstones at Normandy Beach, France

Here is a picture of one of the many headstones at Normandy Beach, France

is a day of remembrance of those that have died while serving the United States of America. It is a time to reflect and appreciate the freedoms that have been bestowed upon our nation’s citizens by those that have protected us and given their lives for us. Not everyone in the world respects our freedoms, and although it saddens me, I appreciate that they have the freedom to not appreciate it.

I would love it if war was no more. If peace was the priority for all. If people were able to go about their day not worried about their safety or the safety of others. If no one was asked to give that final hug and kiss to their son, daughter, spouse, parent, knowing that they may not return from the battle field. I would be so happy if people stopped for a couple minutes to consider the view points of others, discuss a topic, and find common ground. There is always common ground, but few people take the time to find it. Politics, religion, even the weather is controversial these days. People find the smallest things to fight about, even when the ideology is the same, they pick apart where the other is wrong and never reach a point of mutual respect.

This year, as you grill out with your family, relax by the lake or the pool, take the time to respect each other. That is why these soldiers have fallen. They respected life, liberty, and freedom. They offered themselves for many reasons, some that we agree with, some that we many not, but they did so knowing the risks that were before them.

Please, take a moment to bring peace to where you are today and every day to come.



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