Resurrection Sunday

Today is a wonderful day for Christians the world over.

Today marks our salvation through Christ’s triumph over death.

On Good Friday, Christ died upon the cross for our sins. He was placed in a tomb without proper burial rituals due to the Sabbath. On the third day, Sunday, His followers found the tomb empty when they went to prepare His body for burial. Fearing His body was stolen, the women went for help, but were stopped and informed that Christ had risen in fulfillment of the scriptures.

Today is a time for renewal. A time to rejoice in our freedom from sin. When Christ died and rose again, He did so for the sins and salvation of all the world. He did so before we were made, before we had sinned. Before we asked for forgiveness.

Why do we fight? Why do we punish each other when we don’t agree? Christ came out of love. Why do we hate in His name? (Yes, this is the royal “we”)

I pray that all people, Christian and non-Christian, take this time to reflect and find ways to resurrect ourselves into a better form. None of us are perfect, we all have ways to improve and to grow. How can we make this world a better place? What can we do if we love?

Blessings to you and to your family – be it by blood or by choice.


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