A-Z Challege – Theme Reveal

Welcome to my A-Z Challenge 2014! I have chosen to participate in the blog a day A to Z Challenge, to try and focus myself and get more information out to you!

A to Z 2014

A to Z 2014

I decided to do an alphabet of diseases – some common some rare. Some animal, some human.

The way this challenge works is each day of April will be a new letter, the only day I will be taking off is Sunday’s as it is a day of rest. Wish me luck and enjoy! Please leave comments and let me know how I am doing – or if you would like me to highlight a disease. If it hasn’t already made my list, perhaps I will add it in after the month is over!

Stay healthy my friends!


14 thoughts on “A-Z Challege – Theme Reveal

    • Oh, how exciting! Don’t judge me too harshly 😉 I am really excited about the mix of diseases that I have chosen, I must say, some letters were a little more difficult and some letters had multiple diseases that I really wanted to feature. We shall see how it all turns out!


  1. I like how you have defined yourself (to some degree) in your blog title. Did you come to be one through the other? Do you have pets of your own? I am reading an interesting book right now that has a veterinarian in it. It’s called On Such a Full Sea by Chang-Rae Lee. It’s a dystopian novel and quite good. My A-Z challenge is Family History & Genealogy.
    Gail at Making Life An Art


    • Thanks for stopping by! It is hard to say which came first as I have always known that I was going to be a veterinarian and I have always been a Christian. That being said, I took the step to accept Christ in a personal relationship one summer as a child and became a veterinarian in 2005, so I guess Christian came first. I try to live my life in a manner that puts Christ as the focus, even my work as a veterinarian is second to that (even though my life is often consumed by it, so it may not seem that way)! I will have to check out the book and your A to Z – family history and genealogy is so important and fun. I can’t wait to read more!


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