Words (written and spoken) Have Power

A couple weeks ago, I posted about bullies. Today, I ran across this post on “Veterinarians Behaving Badly.”

I am sickened by the cruelty of people at the moment. I know so many people that are struggling with depression in veterinary medicine. I know too many veterinarians and veterinary students that have considered suicide, and sadly too many that have succeeded.

I do not know Dr. Shirley Koshi, but I know my struggle of depression.

Please keep her family in your prayers.

Please keep your veterinarian in your prayers.

Please consider the consequences of words and deeds.

Remember that you cannot control someone else’s actions, but you can be a bastion of peace and comfort to all which may save a life.

4 thoughts on “Words (written and spoken) Have Power

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    • What I can’t believe is that the people behind the “network” are still saying horrible things and don’t care that a person is dead. Yes, there are days that I like animals more than people, but to put the life of an animal before a person makes my soul cry out in anguish.


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