New Year, New Opportunities, Same Person?

I have been debating about what to do with resolutions this year. Do I make specific resolutions and be more intentional about them? Do I skip the whole resolution thing as I usually do? Do I make general resolutions and hope they happen?

I know that I have some big things coming up in my life that need attention. Going to Mongolia is an amazing experience that I need to prepare myself for emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, physically, and financially. Do I focus my goals on this? Do I let it happen on its own without a step by step list? I have the list from Christian Veterinary Missions of when things need to be done and what is recommended, but that list isn’t the same list that is placed on my heart, mind, and soul. I know that when I return from Mongolia, I will be changed. Perhaps not in major ways that the average person will see when they look at me, but within my very being. Every mission trip I have gone on has changed me, has changed my perspective, has challenged me to be a better person in all aspects of my life. I also know that even with those changes, I am still the same person. I will still struggle with flaws that were present before I went. I will still become overwhelmed when life gets tough.

It is a crazy place to be: struggling with who I am and who I want to be.

Changed, but the same. Kind of like when I asked Christ to enter my life and guide me through it. I was changed in ways that I can’t even really describe, but at the same time, I was still me.

I will continue to think and pray about this topic and will get back to you. In the mean time, whether you have made a resolution or not, I wish that 2014 brings you peace, love, happiness, and growth. May you be held accountable for your actions and reactions, may you continue to grow into the wonderful human you are meant to be. If there is a demon that is harming you, may you be released from that addiction, thought process, physical battle, or whatever it may be. Know that you are loved for who you are. You make the decision every day what mood you will be in, how you will react to situations, what you will learn, what you will resist. I pray that you make good decisions.

Blessings and peace for the days, weeks, months, and years to come. Good-bye 2013. Hello 2014.


New Year's Resolution  (

New Year’s Resolution (


3 thoughts on “New Year, New Opportunities, Same Person?

  1. When do you leave for Mongolia? Travel always changes me too, I believe for the better. I’m very excited for you to go to Mongolia too…. looking forward to further posts regarding this subject.


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