Why Mongolia? Where is that again?

I have had a lot of people asking me lately “Why Mongolia?” or “Where’s that?” For those of you that are wondering, Mongolia is in Asia – south of Russia, north, east, and west of China.

As to why I would want to go to Mongolia, there are a number of answers.

1. Christian Veterinary Missions sent out a call for veterinarians and veterinary technicians to help in Mongolia, when I read about it, my heart was moved. I have prayed for about 5 years about this call, and the time finally came that I felt that the call was actually being made to me. I didn’t hear a voice tell me it was time, but my heart and mind moved to the same place and I felt peace at the decision.

2. Mongolia is pretty cool. In many ways the country is still very primitive compared to Western cultures. In other ways, it is more advanced than I am, not that that is too difficult to do! There are large areas of the country that see little to no human activity for days, months, or even weeks at a time. To be able to go somewhere that has such untouched beauty tugs at my soul.

3. There is a group of people that need help that I have the skills to be able to make a difference for them. This is pretty exciting to me. I know I am not the most gifted veterinarian or person in the world, but I have gifts that I can share in an amazing way.

4. This answer is more of a “Why do mission work?” response, but sometimes, it is nice to go somewhere completely different, that is far outside of my comfort zone to make a difference. I know that I am appreciated a lot of the time working day to day with my patients, clients, coworkers, and friends, but when I go on mission trips, the appreciation and response from people is so overwhelmingly beautiful. I can see how the work I do for God directly changes lives. I also see how it changes my life.

5. Why not? I have a goal to travel all over the world, and traveling with missions is an amazing way to experience culture and build relationships with others. How could I pass up this opportunity!

I am so excited about this trip, the work that I will be doing, the people I will meet, the friends I will make, the lives God can change.

Please consider supporting me on this trip. To make an online donation, you can go to http://www.cvmusa.org/ and then to Support > Short Term Missions. Click on the “Individual” button. Fill in the Designation box with a drop-down menu to “other” (at the bottom of the list). A white box will appear, and please enter in my account number (UCVSTM1655) and write in my name, Melanie Goble – ST Missions in that box. CVM will make sure it gets designated to my trip. Please let me know if you have questions.

Please pray for me and those that I will serve.

Please consider a trip of your own. Find your passion. Embrace your skills and make a difference in the life of someone else. We all have skills that can be used. If you put yourself out there, trust in God, and go, you to can be the hands and feet of Jesus on earth!


3 thoughts on “Why Mongolia? Where is that again?

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