Advent: Hope

Welcome to Advent! The time of preparation for the birth of Christ. The time to reflect on the world around us and our lives. The time to realign our sights on God. The first Sunday of Advent is always 4 Sundays before Christmas. Each Sunday, a new theme is present to help us with our evaluation of ourselves and the world around us. The first Sunday’s theme is Hope.

Advent Wreath

Advent Wreath

Hope in the Christ Child.

Hope for the future.

Hope for ourselves.


A dream of improvement.

A chance at a new beginning.

As we prepare for Christmas, my prayer for us all, is that we take the time to take inventory of ourselves and how we treat those around us, as well as ourselves. That we each project the love of Christ and the hope that was brought into the world with His birth, His life, and His death.

We have all done or said things that we regret, that we wish could be taken back. Big or small, they are there. I challenge you to look at those things and instead of wishing them changed, to find the hope within them. To find the spark that makes us want to change and light the fire of hope within us. To make the change that is needed to grow and become the person God has requested us to be. It is your decision. God has given free will.

Dear Lord, You are wonderful and powerful, merciful and loving. You can destroy us. You can lift us up. You know the troubles we struggle with day in and day out. You watch over us and guide us, even if we don’t listen or follow Your directions. By the death of Christ on the cross You forgave us our sins, before the sins were even thought. You have loved us despite all we do and say. You give us hope when the days are long and the darkness draws near. Please help us to follow You. Please open our eyes, ears, and hearts, propel our feet, and lift our hands to do Your work here on earth. Help us live the hope we have in You. In all things, may Your will be done. Amen


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