Cultivating Blessings

Today, I had a wonderful day full of many blessings. After church, a number of friends stayed for hours and hours helping put together gift jars. These jars symbolize so many things to me now. There is the initial reason for making them – that they will sell at the 4th Annual Craft Fair on December 14, 2013 at First Presbyterian Church in Manitowoc, Wisconsin to raise money for my mission to Mongolia, but there are also other layers to this jar of life.

For me, the most exciting part is that these people took a day out of their lives to help me! I have struggled so often with self-esteem issues that made me believe that I was not important enough, so I have not asked for help when I have needed it. With just a few requests, people set aside their day for me. I was blown away and even brought to tears of thankfulness and joy.

On a deeper level, today’s message was from the second chapter of Genesis – the “why” of the creation story. “God put man in the garden to till and to keep it.” God actively puts people where He needs them to make a difference not only in the physical world, but also in the emotional, spiritual, and relational world. I believe that while I have struggled, He has put me where He has needed me to be – it was up to me to realize it and to cultivate my environment for His will. God placed these friends in my life to show me that I am loved, that I am worthy of friendship and their time. I believe that He is also challenging me to go to Mongolia, to spread the knowledge that I have been given in tending the animals and sharing my faith. I believe that I am being called o cultivate another portion of our world and of my life – to grow and nurture the Family of God.

This month, as we are relating to all of the things we are thankful for, I ask you to be a blessing to others. Pay attention to where you have been put. What relationship do you need to cultivate, to keep, to enrich?

When life gets to hard, hand over your troubles to God. He knows what you need. He has given you purpose and you are worth it. All of it – love, respect, friendship, all of it!


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