Season of Thanks

Today is November 1st. We are now entering the holiday season – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s. I would like to take this time to begin my “Season of Thanks.” I encourage you to begin your Season of Thanks as well. What is this season you ask? Season of Thanks is taking the time to step out of the what our culture has made this time – shopping, things, food, football, and greed (not that all of these things are bad, but sometimes the seem to take over and we forget why even have a holiday!) – and instead focus on why we are thankful and return our hearts and minds to God and to those we love, perhaps those that we should love as well.

This November, I am thankful for…

1. My husband – he is my best friend and greatest support

2. My Faith – knowing that God is with me even when things seem dark and hopeless, there is still hope, a light that does not go out

3. My cat – at the end of a long day, when I just want to curl up and cry that I couldn’t do everything that I needed to do, that I couldn’t save every patient, that I couldn’t be the superhero, he loves me and wants to snuggle

Boots, after kicking Andy off of the couch

4. Having a job, in fact, not just a job, but a job that I love and that I believe I was made to do – Being a veterinarian is awesome!

5. My Mom – no matter what disagreement we may have I know that she will always support my choices and will always love me (she gets number 5 since November 5th is her birthday)

6. Friends – from the past to the present, they have come into my life and helped me become a better person – Thank you!!

7. Dandelions – as a child, I loved to pick these (my favorite flower) and put them in a little A&W mug on the kitchen table

8. Mashed Potatoes – specifically garlic cheddar mashed potatoes!

9. My brothers – as different as two people can be, they both make me smile and shake my head. I know that I can count on you guys for anything

10. Grandpa Wally – Grandpa passed away this year. He may have been my Grandpa-in-law, but he was the only Grandpa that I ever had

11. My Dad – an amazing man that has always put the people he loves before anything else. I love you, Daddy! (November 11th is his birthday, so he gets this one!)

12. Veterans – those that made the decision to fight for our freedoms and those that the decision was made for them, I salute you. I also pray that wars will end and we will no longer need to worry for the safety of our soldiers

13. My sisters – the two of you are so much alike, and I am so different from you in many ways, but you both make me smile and strive to be a better person. How can I measure up to you?!!?!?

14. For life – I have struggled with depression and have not always valued what I have. November 14th is the anniversary of my birth; when my parents brought me into this world and gave me the gift of family. This year, I am thankful for this gift and the hopefully the gift of many more years to come!

15. Nieces and Nephews – my husband and I have 12 nephews and 4 nieces, they each have their own personality and spark to bring to family occasions. I can’t imagine life without any of them.

16. Dogs – there is a special place in my heart for dogs. They love without regard for what we have done or not done. They want to make lives better, and that is obviously done with cold noses in your face before the alarm goes off in the morning and barking at nothing in the back yard!

17. Traveling – Meeting new people and seeing new places, putting life into perspective!

18. Curling up under a blanket with a book in front of a warm fireplace – a time to be in a different world surrounded by comfort

19. Watching the sky – day or night, laying on the ground and watching the clouds or the stars, knowing that I am part of something greater than myself

20. Humor – smiles and laughter cross every language barrier I have come across. Not to mention, it can make a difficult time a lot easier to handle!

21. Smiles – the smile of a friend when you walk into a room or the smile of a stranger on the street, this is often where I find God smiling too

22. Hugs – 7 seconds of knowing that you are not alone. In times of happiness and sadness, a hug says that words that cannot always be spoken

23. Thunderstorms – the smell of rain, the promise of growth, the flash of lightening, the roar of thunder…I love the majesty of them

24. The first snow fall of the year – as much as I do not always care for snow, the first snow fall is magical…especially when they are the big fluffy flakes

25. For Christian Veterinary Missions – the work they do, the people they serve, and the blessings that abound around the world thanks to the leadership and services provided is amazing. I am so thankful to be working with them

26. For my Church family – past and present that have helped shape me and guide my faith and spiritual development. For teaching me that God is love, God is not hate and bigotry. God has given us Salvation and Mercy!

27. For Salvation and Mercy – all for love

28. For people coming together – November 28th is Thanksgiving Day – the day we celebrate the coming together of the Native people and the Pilgrims. It has not always been peaceful, but we give thanks that we know that there can be peace, even if it is one meal at a time.

29. For peace – one day, one meal, one moment. A time of love and respect. I know it can happen, but it has to happen within each of us first.

30. For Music – a way to express the soul and pour feelings into the world, a joyful noise or in perfect pitch, it is all wonderful to His ears

Please start your Season of Thanks and remember that life is not all about stuff, it is about what we do with the time we have and the relationships we build. We don’t have expiration dates, so you never know what will happen. Please share your thanks with others so that it is never left unsaid.

Peace and blessings to you!


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