Missions and God Moments

While attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Nicaragua with Christian Veterinary Missions (http://www.cvmusa.org).  This was a life changing experience for me as I was learning as much as I could about helping others with my veterinary skills. Not only did we treat cows, goats, rabbits, and dogs, but we also were able to teach skills to people who would then take those skills back to their villages to help prevent illness and death. My sister’s friend was confused as to why and how we “preached to the animals.” It always makes me smile to think of that comment. No, we didn’t “preach to the animals.” We went to teach and to help. We shared our faith when asked, but it was about being the hands and feet of Jesus. We put our faith into action, without judgment of those we went to serve.

Since that trip, my heart yearns to do more veterinary missions. I have had the honor of traveling to both Alaska and Mexico for missions to build community and houses. My friends tell me that my mission field is also in my own back yard. I sometimes struggle with this as I don’t always see what I do as making a difference in the lives of those around me. On the international mission trips, I see an obvious impact of my words and actions. I believe this is due to the focus that I put into God and the people; my heart and eyes are open to what God is doing around me and how He uses me. While at home, I get so distracted by life, that I don’t focus as well.  When I get so wrapped up in my life, my eyes and mind drift away from God. Yet, every once and awhile, I see a glimmer and my eyes and heart are opened to the glory around me. I take a deep breath and thank God for the reminder that I need to refocus and allow Him to work through me.

One of my goals is to watch for those “God Moments” that if you aren’t paying attention are gone in the blink of an eye. When I see them, I hope to share them with you as well!

One of those God Moments happened yesterday as I was driving to work.  To my left in a field were two Canada geese with their goslings out for their first walk.  They were so tiny, I could barely see them over the green grass.  After such a long winter, seeing the babies surrounded by the green grass was just what I needed.  The Canada goose is often considered a pest, but they have so much that we can learn from them.  They tend to have pair bonding for life, they will fight for and protect their offspring, and they return to their original hatching area year after year.  You will rarely see a Canada goose flying alone.  Why is this? If a goose has to leave formation while flying in a flock (the classic echelon formation), another goose will leave formation and they will stay together until the other goose is able to fly again. The echelon formation decreasing drag on the geese flying behind, and they take turns in the lead so that no one goose takes the brunt of harsh weather, winds, and other trouble in the skies. Just goes to show how much we can learn from those around us when we take the time.

Have a blessed Mother’s Day today!


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